ASIC Chip Integration Engineer – Power Estimation and SI/PI

Location: San Diego, CA, United States
Date Posted: 11-11-2017
Position Title: ASIC Chip Integration Engineer – Power Estimation and Signal Integrity / Power Integrity

Status: Full-time Employee (W2)
Work location: San Diego, CA
Full Benefits:


As ASIC Chip Integration Engineer, you will work with a small team in order to be able to assist in various tasks of the chip integration process as it relates to 1) power estimation, 2) SI&PI analysis, and 3) package integration.  The work will be towards a large chip using 14nm FinFET ASIC flow.  Power estimation to be done at various stages in the chip design flow, in some cases in collaboration with other teams and vendors.  The scope includes the ability to estimate power starting early, in the absence of completed logic design using various vendor tools, with global activity factors, eventually switching to power estimation based on actual logic and physical design (a place and/or routed design), eventually using VCD results from SDF simulations to further refine the analysis.  Noise analysis (DC+AC) in contrast will be limited to smaller discrete regions of the chip, while also assisting with IO C4 assignment of the package and associated IR analysis, and finally decoupling capacitance (decap) estimation.

Skills Required:

• Strong experience working with various power estimation and noise analysis tools, and more specifically Voltus (noise analysis), Innovus (for power estimation), and/or equivalent tools.
• Familiarity with all necessary inputs and related skills: voltage planning, on-chip decoupling capacitance (decap) estimation, power saving techniques, understanding and/or ability to run spice analysis selectively (i.e. for off-chip IOs).
• Strong skills with TCL and/or other scripting language.

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