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title Job Title images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif location Location images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif jobOrderID ID images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif
4078312DFT Engineer to work on SerDes and DDR designs San Jose, CA 4078312
4078309DFT Engineer to work on SerDes and DDR designs Raleigh, NC 4078309
4078306DFT Engineer to work on SerDes and DDR designs Austin, TX 4078306
4078297Design Automation R&D Engineer San Diego, CA 4078297
4078288Physical Design Advanced Technology Engineer San Diego, CA 4078288
4078285RTL and Timing for DDR and USB PHY San Diego, CA 4078285
4078258Physical Design Engineer for Parallel PHYs (DDR & USB) San Diego, CA 4078258
4078255DFT Architect and Project Manager San Diego, CA 4078255
4078252Process Automation Engineer (Excel and Java or PHP background) San Diego, CA 4078252
4078249Mask Layout Designer for DDR & USB PHY - QUALCOMM project San Diego, CA 4078249
4078246Design Verification Methodology Deployment San Diego, CA 4078246
4078240Senior SoC Design Verification Engineer Santa Clara, CA 4078240
4078237Database Analyst (SQL or Oracle database dev, Excel Macro dev, VBA, Perl, Python, PHP) San Diego, CA 4078237
4078234Senior DFT Methodology Engineer San Diego, CA 4078234
4078231Digital and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Verification Engineer (USB3.0, USB2.0 and PCIe2.0 protocol) San Diego, CA 4078231
4078228Senior/Staff SoC Design Verification Engineer San Diego, CA 4078228
4078213Validation Content Development (ARMv7/v8 or Cortex-A9/A15/A53/A57) San Diego, CA 4078213
4078210Validation Content Development (ARMv7/v8 or Cortex-A9/A15/A53/A57) Austin, TX 4078210
4078207System and SOC Debug (ARMv7/v8 or Cortex-A9/A15/A53/A57) San Diego, CA 4078207
4078204Validation Execution (TCU, PVT, Regression, Post Silicon, Fmax, Automation) San Diego, CA 4078204
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