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title Job Title images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif city City images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif state State images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif companyJobID Job Order # images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif
5288860CPU Design Verification Engineer Raleigh NC 2015052
5288857Power Grid Integrity Engineer Austin TX 2015051
5288854Place and Route for 16nm FinFET next generation ARM CPU Hardening Austin TX 2015050
5288851Design Verification Engineer (12nm FinFET next generation CPU) Austin TX 2015048
5288848Design Verification Engineer (SystemVerilog, AXI, AMBA, OVM/UVM, DDR) Hudson MA 2015047
5288839Design Verification Engineer Hudson MA 2015016
5288836Junior Design Verification Engineer Hudson MA 2015015
5288833Senior Full-Chip Design Verification Engineer (MUST be US Citizen) Hudson MA 2015009
5288830High-Speed Analog/Mixed-Signal PHY Design Engineer San Diego CA 1934130
5288827Design Verification Engineer (OVM/UVM, SystemVerilog, SVA, AMBA based IP or bus digital verification) San Diego CA 1933447
5288821Digital/Custom Virtuoso PDK/Physical Verification Development Engineer San Diego CA 1933276
5288818Mixed-Signal/DFT Design and Verification Engineer San Diego CA 1932100
5288815Design Verification Engineer (RTL, SystemVerilog, SVA, VHDL, Verilog) San Diego CA 1930666
5288812Front-End Design Automation Engineer San Diego CA 1929549
5288800Design Verification and Methodology Deployment Engineer San Diego CA 1926058
5288791Embedded Software Developer for ARM based devices (must have bare metal coding exp) Austin TX 1925875
5288785Design Verification Engineer for Multimedia IPs San Diego CA 1923846
5288782Digital and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Verification Engineer (USB3.0, USB2.0 and PCIe2.0 protocol) San Diego CA 1919209
5288776SoC Design Verification Engineer (ARM, AMBA, DDR exp) San Diego CA 1902199
5288764Senior Design Verification Engineer Hudson MA 2015017
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