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Senior Design Verification Engineer

El Segundo, CA
Position Title: Senior Design Verification Engineer
Location: El Segundo, CA
Status: Full-time (salary + benefits + bonuses)
About the Team:
Join the growing Encore Semi Front-End Development team to collaborate with customers to design, verify and enable various subsystems and full-chip for current and next generation ASICs and SOCs.  Building on your background of SV/UVM-based Design Verification, you would join a team integrating internal and 3rd party IPs into SOCs and verifying overall functional correctness.
About the Project:
As a senior member of an ASIC development team, you will be responsible for building a Functional Verification environment for new designs incorporating internally developed and 3rd party IPs.  You will leverage your SV/UVM experience verify interfaces and focus testing on corner cases in the full-chip such as interrupt and exception protocols as well as overall data and control flow.  If you have SOC Integration Verification experience implementing SV/UVM environments and stimulus, directing random stimulus and deploying a coverage-based approach, joining the Encore Semi Verification team could be for you.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Functional (Design) Verification at the SOC or “Full-Chip” level using simulation models.  Experience should include creating Verification Plans from the Microarchitecture Specifications and ability to understand the RTL
• SV/UVM methodology expertise to create Verification environments and drive Functional Verification including the incorporation of internal IPs and 3rd party IPs from different suppliers
• Experience stressing full-chip protocols and flushing out bugs at the full-chip level
• Experience debugging RTL simulations including waveform-based debugging.
• 7+ years of Design Verification experience including working with RTL Developers
Preferred Qualifications:
• Verification experience focused in any of the following areas of ASIC/SOC designs:
- Processor cores (including ARM cores)
- Interfaces such as PCIe Gen 3 or 4, RapidIO, Ethernet switching
- DSPs
- General control logic
• Experience developing Verification methodologies or environments incorporating various levels of coverage but, most importantly, functional coverage (as opposed to code or statement coverage).
Education Requirements:
• Required: Bachelor's, Electrical Engineering
• Preferred: Master's, Electrical Engineering

About Encore Semi

Encore Semi is a successful SoC Design and Software Engineering Services company headquartered in San Diego, California.  We build Centers of Expertise (CoEs), engineering teams onsite, to support our many customers from the semiconductor and electronics system industry in North America (San Diego, Bay Area, Austin, Raleigh, Longmont, New York, Boston areas).  Our teams of experts contribute to leading-edge projects in the areas of SoC design and embedded software.  We provide high-value through acceleration, performance improvement, optimization, and risk mitigation.

Encore Semi provides its engineering team members with continuous exposure to top advanced technologies and tools, participation in challenging yet exciting projects, and direct collaboration with its industry-leading teams, customers, and long-term partners.  Encore Semi Career Path  &  Encore Semi Full-time Benefits
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