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SSD Test Automation & Execution Engineer

Irvine, CA
Position Title: SSD Test Automation & Execution Engineer
Location: near Mission Viejo, California
Status: Full-time (salary + benefits + bonuses)
About the Team:
The growing Encore Semi Firmware Development / Firmware Test team collaborates with customers to develop “bare metal” and higher-level Firmware to enable the productization of SSD products and systems.  The team develops Firmware for all aspects of the system from the controller to the system including code enabling Host Interface (NVMe/PCIe, SATA, etc) features, optimizing the interface with the Storage media and the overall device integration into the storage system.  The team also plans the approach for testing the drive and module level, creates the tools required to implements those plans and executes the testing protocols.  Come join the team to collaborate with SSD Storage developers and deliver the next generation of Storage System products.
About the Project:
The Encore Semi Firmware Development team delivers the FW stack to enable current and next generation SSD based Enterprise Storage solutions.  In Southern California, the team is expanding its Test Execution and Automation capabilities.  Projects include defining and developing automation for execution and data collection of tests, developing scalable and optimized frameworks for test execution (including clear data collection elements), and working with the wider FW development team to share the testing results and drive additional requirements or data necessary to deliver the products.  The team works closely with the overall product development team to enable existing designs and next generation projects.
Minimum Qualifications:
• 7+ years of Firmware test and automation and / or Firmware development projects; preferably enabling multiple products into production
• Hands-on experience architecting and creating frameworks for test execution for large Storage Systems including execution of testing, collecting results, debugging and presenting the results to the larger development team
• Experience with Jenkins tools and strong test environment scripting experience (Python, Perl, etc)Knowledge of mass storage systems, Flash memory (NAND /NOR), NVMe / SATA / SAS / RAID protocols
• Experience working with host systems for storage devices as well as network protocols as well as Firmware development in Linux and Windows
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience with Oakgate as a host system for Storage devices
• Experience using Azure and Azure Pipelines to enable continuous release and build of FW packages
• Experience testing and debugging SSD controller hardware or Storage System hardware components
Education Requirements:
• Required: BSEE/BSCS/BSCE
• Preferred: BSEE/BSCS/BSCE
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