Senior CPU Verification Engineer

Location: Durham, NC, United States
Date Posted: 10-08-2018
Position Title: Senior or Senior/Staff Core CPU Verification Engineer
Location: Raleigh, NC
Status: Full-time

About the Team:
Join the growing Encore Semi Front-End Development team to collaborate with customers on the verification of CPUs and CPU SOCs based on innovative new core architectures.  Joining the team, you will build on a background of CPU core development to build unit level environments to stress the functional correctness of complex implementations.  You will join a larger CPU core development team to deliver next generation computing cores.

About the Project:
As a member of the verification team of a complex next-generation core CPU, you will propose and build unit level test environments to stress the functional correctness of sub-systems within the larger design.  The development environment is, primarily, C/C++ based and will leverage direct-random and coverage-driven concepts to create stressful functional verification to flush bugs out of the design early in the design flow, ideally prior to integration into the full-chip simulation models.  If you have experience in Functional Verification and debug of complex CPU IPs or full CPU cores, joining the Encore Semi Verification team could be a good match for you.

Minimum Qualifications:
• 7+ years of Functional Verification experience creating CPU Verification test content and environments created in C++
• Verification experience focused in any one of the aspects of core design such as instruction and data caches (including multi-level caches and coherency), branch prediction, instruction fetch and decode, execution and load / store units, interrupts and / or bus interfaces
• Experience with complete CPU/Core subsystem verification (multi-threaded CPU’s, caches, execution acceleration or memory)
• Experience identifying Functional Coverage conditions based on Microarchitecture specifications
• Debug experience using waveforms and ability to read and understand RTL code

Valued Qualifications:
• Architecture understanding of CPU microarchitectures including ISAs, multi-core and multi-threaded designs, symmetric multi-processing and similar performance improvement techniques
• Experience with CPUs such as Power/PowerPC, x86, MIPS, ARM
• Languages: C/C++

Education Requirements:
• Required: Bachelor's, Electrical Engineering
• Preferred: Master's, Electrical Engineering

About Encore Semi:

Encore Semi is a successful Engineering Solutions company. We build Centers of Expertise to support our many customers from the semiconductor and electronics system industry in North America. Our teams of experts contribute to leading-edge projects in the areas of SoC design and embedded software. We provide high-value through acceleration, performance improvement, optimization, and risk mitigation.

Encore Semi provides its engineering team members with continuous exposure to top advanced technologies & tools, participation in challenging yet exciting projects, and direct collaboration with its industry-leading teams, customers, and long-term partners. Learn more about the company’s great benefits and career path on our website.
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