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Director of Engineering

San Jose, CA
Director of Engineering Services

The Director of Design Services is an executive technical management position leading the company’s Design Services. It includes the following services:
- System Level Architectural Definition
- Digital Front-End Design And Validation
- Physical Design (RTL to GDSII)
- Digital Verification (UVM)
- Functional Safety (FuSa) ISO26262

Responsibilities Include:
• Provide technical leadership in the field of responsibility  
• Drive the overall growth for the Design Service department
• Manage, motivate and coordinate all the engineering resources of the department
• Lead technical interactions with customers and provide technical support for sales and operations.
• Shape appealing engineering service proposals to match specific customer’s needs.
• Characterize customer projects to identify resource and timeline allocations leveraging Company’s strengths
• Work with the HR/recruiting team to attract, qualify and train skilled engineers to build specific project teams / expand the pool of Company’s expert resources. 
• Continuously contribute to the definition and development of collaterals and activities to strengthen the company’s technical know-how on strategic selected fields as well as improving employees’ retention rate

Qualifications / Experience:
• Successful 10+ years of hands-on design experience with proven successful tape-outs
• Solid reputation in the field of responsibility, including published papers and/or patents
• At least 5 years of experience in managing direct reports, ideally in multiple locations
• Technically up to date and ability to rapidly learn new technologies, new tools and new methodologies required to maintain high technical credibility with customers and employees

This strategic position requires solid knowledge and experience in the following technology domains:
- Digital IP Design
- Physical Design (RTL to GDSII)
- DFT, DFx methodology and implementation techniques
- Automotive Safety

Other valuable experience:
- System Design/HW/SW Co-Simulation
- FinFET Technology
- DSP/AI Techniques
- Adaptation Algorithms

• A broad understanding of the various phases of an IP/SoC/FPGA/platform development is critical.
• Experience with customer interaction and ability to turn customer’s requirements into viable and profitable opportunities
• Excellent verbal/written communication skills is required. Strong presentation skills and ability to rapidly respond to technical questions from clients, investors, management and technical associates 
• Excellent organization skills. Efficient responsiveness and ability to manage multiple engineering teams and customers in parallel
• Ability to efficiently leverage the organization to achieve best and fastest results with minimum energy  
• Self-starter; sets example as a high-performing team member; has a positive demeanor and uses knowledge and organizational skills to achieve desired objectives; shows technical leadership in front of customers; supports other team members; takes accountability for individual and team objectives
• Ability to maintain a high-quality work level even under stress and/or time constraints
• Reasonable understanding of contractual and legal terms, and their business/liability implications is a strong plus

• BSEE is required, MSEE is preferred

About Encore Semi

Encore Semi is a successful SoC Design and Software Engineering Services company headquartered in San Diego, California.  We build Centers of Expertise (CoEs), engineering teams onsite, to support our many customers from the semiconductor and electronics system industry in North America (San Diego, Bay Area, Austin, Raleigh, Longmont, New York, Boston areas).  Our teams of experts contribute to leading-edge projects in the areas of SoC design and embedded software.  We provide high-value through acceleration, performance improvement, optimization, and risk mitigation.

Encore Semi provides its engineering team members with continuous exposure to top advanced technologies and tools, participation in challenging yet exciting projects, and direct collaboration with its industry-leading teams, customers, and long-term partners.

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