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Senior Digital Design Engineer

Menlo Park, CA
Position Title: Senior Digital Design Engineer
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Status: Full-time (salary + benefits + bonuses)
Digital Design Engineer to implement custom logic in ASIC for company’s products and in FPGA for prototyping and research.  Areas of interests include Graphics, Audio or Compression.  Primary language is SystemVerilog with some HLS where it is effective.
• Implement and deliver verified RTL blocks given architecture and micro-architecture requirements
• Contribute to the architecture and micro-architecture requirements
• Support the DV, PD, and Firmware teams to ensure correctness of the delivered RTL
• Respond to issues found by engineers running the Lint, CDC, STA, Synthesis, and LEC tools
• Support handoff of RTL blocks to prototyping engineers for integrating the delivered RTL into FPGA platforms
• Experience in RTL coding. Preference for SystemVerilog
• Experience with the ASIC development flow from contributing to architecture, through owning micro-architecture and design, to assisting with first bring-up
• Experience solving Lint, CDC, STA, Synthesis, and LEC issues
• Experience with creating clear documentation and communications among and across the teams
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